They are very professional. Their work is very nice and they are always on time.
Excellent service!!! Highly recommend Ecodent laboratory! Amazing stuff and high material crowns,never had problems with delivering on time,will always answer any of your questions and consult you. Thank you so much guys for making these amazing crowns for my teeth.
High quality crowns and professional staff. I’ve never had problems with missed delivery or the highest quality results! I highly recommend this lab!
This company is very professional and does amazing laboratory work. Purely esthetic and excellent quality. I wouldn't change this lab for any other. Dr. Joseph Seabrook.
Excellent dependable work. This lab gives me great confidence because I know I’ll get fantastic work back
I've used many labs in the last 20 years and I'm always consistently happy with the quality of work coming from Ecodent. Even with the most Macguyvered preps they are able to produce crowns which not only fit well but are aesthetic as well. They are tops with communication and their fees for the level of work that they deliver can not be matched by similar local labs. I rarely worry when I open the lab bag that a "surprise" is waiting for me inside. You won't be disappointed.
Crowns are 100% great I'm a dental assistant for 6 years now and my office always use this lab and no problem at all no worries when we about to put in a crown VITALY is great good job.
This is one of the best dental labs when it comes to crowns in New York. I have done thousands of crowns with ecodent and the quality delivered by the technicians is unmatched. I never have to worry if a crown is going to fit and if a case is ever late, Vitaly takes care of it. Mustapha Rammal DDS
Highly recommend this lab for all types of crowns. Professionally done and always accurate results. Maurice Hamaoui DDS
Great service - fast, reliable and very professional!